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Danni: March Student of the Month

" My goal is to inspire and share joy and light through my dancing.

This year I really want to work hard so can I can improve. Feeling improvement in yourself is so rewarding, and inspires you to work even harder. 

When I'm not dancing, one of my favourite things to do is bake.. I love exploring new recipes and then sharing them with my friends and family.

I have recently realized the importance of the little things in life. The little kind words or things we do mean more than we know. 

It is also good to work hard and be diligent in little details. They may seem tedious and pointless now, but in the long run they do make a difference."

Danni made Elite proud when she represented us so well at the school in Berlin. Danni is hard-working and diligent and a Godly young lady who we are very proud and blessed to have in the school!

At Elite, we love our students and will highlight the masterpieces that they are each month. Danni is the March 2019 Student of the Month.

Elite is sponsored by Johannesburg Arts Conservatory.

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