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Emily Du Plesis: September Student of the Month

Emily has been selected as the September student of the month! Emily's goals for this year include pointe work and stretching. "At the moment I am only allowed to do rises so I am hoping to do more soon. I really want to be flat in all my splits by the end of the year. I also hope to get a mermaid tail to swim with in my pool."

Outside of dance, Emily enjoys swimming, drawing, opera singing, and playing with her dog, Tiara. "I also just started baking all by myself which is so much fun," Emily adds.

When asked to share a word of encouragement to her fellow dancers and friends, Emily says "Do what you love and always try your best. Be a good friend to everyone."

We love the ball of fire that Emily is and consider it a joy to teach her in our school. She has incredible potential and a unique zest for life.

At Elite, we love our students and will highlight the masterpieces that they are each month. Emily is the September 2019 Student of the Month. Elite is sponsored by Johannesburg Arts Conservatory.

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