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Tahlula Elliot: October Student of the Month

Tahlula has been selected as the featured Elite student for the month of October!

She is looking forward to the upcoming November elite exam and has made it her goal to work as hard as possible for the best results. Outside of dancing, Tahlula enjoys spending her time in the kitchen, baking. Her word of encouragement to fellow dancers is "No matter what never give up on your goals and dreams and if you work hard you will achieve them."

Tahlula is truly a diamond in the rough. We admire her hardworking attitude and follow-through and believe she has everything she needs to become a professional ballet dancer.

At Elite, we love our students and will highlight the masterpieces that they are each month. Tahlula is the October 2019 Student of the Month. Elite is sponsored by Johannesburg Arts Conservatory.

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