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Tommy: May Student of the Month

Tommy has been selected as Elite's May student of the month for his determination and tenacity.

Tommy's goal for 2019 is "to excel in the dance aspects of my life, whether Hip-Hop, Ballet, or Breakdancing... I also value my education in academics and future career--whatever it may be--so I’m always striving to push myself to do well.

When I'm not dancing, I'm listening to music or creating some of my own. I’m a drummer, I can play a classic drum kit as well as a Djembe and a Kajón."

Tommy would like to encourage his fellow dancers and friends to give their best efforts to their dreams.

"Always give 100% because the more effort you put into your dreams, the better you’ll feel when they become reality."

We are thankful for Tommy's joy that shines through all he does in our school.

At Elite, we love our students and will highlight the masterpieces that they are each month. Tommy is the May 2019 Student of the Month.

Elite is sponsored by Johannesburg Arts Conservatory.

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