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Grades R - 12 Academics

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Our Foundation Phase begins at Grade 1 and goes up to Grade 3. Our Academic classes are interspersed between Dance Classes, providing training and teaching of exceptional standards.


Our Primary Phase begins at Grade 4 and goes up to Grade 7. In this Phase, most of our Dance classes happen in the morning with the Academics in the afternoon. This is to accommodate our Senior Dances, who begin their Dance Training in the afternoon after they have completed their morning Academic classes.


Starting in 2019, our Academics will expand to include Grade 8 to 12. Senior Students take classes via the Online School ( for their Academics where they will obtain an IEB Matric. Their intensive Dance Training begins at 14:30 and goes through to around 18:30 depending on the scheduled classes.


We make use of the CAPS syllabus in the Primary School and IEB and CAPS Syllabus for the High School.


Gr R-3:        

Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, Life Skills, Reading, Art, Biblical Studies


Gr 4-6:         

Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, Science & Technology, Social Sciences, Biblical Studies, Reading, Art

Gr 8-12: IEB Curriculum: or CAPS Curriculum: 

Senior Primary.jpg

Elite is the only pre-professional training school offering classical ballet, contemporary and modern works while also offering both academic education from grades R through Matric.

More importantly, Elite believes that true artistic excellence is holistic and empathic, forging the genuinely beautiful. 

Academic Curriculum

Elite's Primary School follow the CAPS Curriculum from grade R-7. 

Elite college of Excellence partners with Online School to offer students attending high school quality education. Catering for students from grade 8-12, Online School provides a well-thought out comprehensive education with tutoring assistance from education specialists. Hatfield's curriculum prepares and equips students for the IEB exams. 

In addition to our experienced teachers, we have a team of dedicated adults who help to responsibly supervise and assist students while simulating a professional, productive, and enjoyable learning environment. 

Code of Conduct

Elite believes that a fine arts education can provide a posture for life and living when it is founded on excellence, integrity, hard work, and beauty. 

Our students and staff members must agree to a code conduct that is based upon clarity of roles, respect for authority, punctuality, and honesty. For a copy of our Code of Conduct, please email

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