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Latoya Mokoena: August Student of the Month

Latoya has been selected as Elite's August student of the month! "My goals this year is to become a better dancer and improve in any way possible and to also achieve and maintain good grades in school.

I absolutely love baking and discovering new tastes and recipes and sharing them with my friends and family.

Always keep working hard and never give up on whatever it is you want to achieve because if you really want to achieve it you will , but if you don't work hard enough you won't be able to."

Latoya is a joy to have a a part of our school. We are thankful everyday for the way she pursues excellence in both her movement and her outlook, and the way she inspire she fellow classmates to do the same.

At Elite, we love our students and will highlight the masterpieces that they are each month. Latoya is the August 2019 Student of the Month. Elite is sponsored by Johannesburg Arts Conservatory.

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